The Stencyl Book

Learn to create games fast...
...without writing code.

With the help of Stencyl, over 125,000 registered developers have published 12,000 games to the web, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

This book will teach you how to...

  • Install the free Stencyl game development toolkit
  • Rapidly create your video game
  • Create customized game-play
  • Detect and respond to collisions
  • Animate objects in your game
  • Add sound-effects and a soundtrack to your game
  • Turn your game into a professional product
  • Make money from your games
  • Implement some of the special features of smartphones & tablets

What they're saying about the book...

Comprehensive walkthough of Stencyl, publishing and beyond.

Michael Bowerman ( review)

This is a great book for teachers who want to do more with game design and development in their classroom.

Clint Walters (eLearning Specialist and Teacher)

From the foreword by the creator of Stencyl...

Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development: Beginner's Guide is a top to bottom treatise on how to build a game using Stencyl, from humble beginnings to the last 10% spent polishing and taking a game to market.You'll build not just a working knowledge of Stencyl, but acquire a general toolbox of techniques and wisdom that will serve you well throughout your game-creating career.

Jonathon Chung